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Execution Tasks

Oepration & Management

Efficient operation of memorial hall

• Operate memorial hall through efficient operation of organization and budget execution

• Regular inspection and thorough maintenance of facilities and equipment

• Create pleasant environment by managing trees and grasses on time

Systematic facilities, landscape management


Hold special exhibition for the first and second half of the year

• Focus on connected activities of Donghak Peasant Revolution and independence movement (The first half)

• Understand the process of Donghak Peasant Revolution through the map (The second half)

• Replace exhibited relics and name tags, adjust moving lines

Improve the contents exhibited regularly

Education & Experience

Develop and operate various programs

• Develop and operate education & experience programs for children and youth

• Produce activity sheets for children and hold drawing contest

• Develop experience programs for family unit on weekend

Operate visitor participation programs

Collection of relics

Purchase relics worth possessing

• Purchase relics worth possessing under the ordinance and regulation

• Copy and preservation of possessed relics and management by standard system

• Maintain the optimal condition of relics by ways such as fumigation in the storage

Systematic management of relics

Activation of memorial hall

Expand and operate PR activities of memorial hall

• Expand and operate visiting exhibition and experience event of memorial hall

• Provide opportunities to share cultures of local residents through designating a ‘Culture Day’

• Activate memorial hall by holding memorial or academic conferences

Activation through collaboration with foundation projects

Donghak peasant revolution Foundation 메인